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Price Comparison

The price for the complete TS1 Custom Boot (including individual shell, a custom foam liner, custom footbed and alignment and adjustments) is $1800, including tax!

The next section will give you a value comparison break down between our TS1 and a retail stock ski boot.

Comparison Value of the TS1 vs. a Retail Stock Ski Boot

If you purchase a stock ski boot out of the box, you can expect about 100-150 days of skiing before the liner is done (if it was fitted by an experienced bootfitter). If fitted with less experience, it will only last 80-100 days. The shell of the ski boot from our experience, will function well up to 700-800 days. Flex and torsion weaken the shell considerably. Our TS1 W/C foam injected liners will last up to 600 days, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the size and aggression of the skier. The Boot Room only uses the finest anatomically shaped advanced/expert ski shells on the market. To produce these types of detailed shapes found in the shells, companies like Nordica, Tecnica, Fischer etc. charge the highest price for these models. All beginner, intermediate, inter/advanced and sometimes advanced boots use inferior molds and materials for producing these shell models to keep costs down. All skiers need to be properly connected on equal terms. So why are intermediate skiers sold sub-standard ski boots with less support and less connection to their equipment? The only difference that any level of skier needs in their ski boot is determining the flex of the shell.

At the Boot Room, we use only advanced/expert shells and then alter the flex of the ski boot according to the level of skier. Therefore, all of our clients, no matter what level of skier, are all equally connected and can perform at their optimum ability. That alone separates The TS 1 in performance by the way we approach building a ski boot and the way a stock or other custom ski boots are fitted (off the shelf). Setting the flex of the boot is labour intensive and quite a detailed process, but it is a procedure that the Boot Room will not compromise on. Top shells, top liners, top footbeds, top alignment, top bootbuilders….. All In!

So, to do a fair comparison you need to use a price from an advanced/expert stock ski boot which is between $700 - $900. Using $800 as an average price, you would have to purchase 3 stock ski boots to equal the same number of days of use that a TS 1 would give you.

Example: 200 ski days/stock ski boot x 3 = ONE 600 ski days/TS1 Factory Custom Ski Boot.

With the above numbers you would have pay a total of $2,400 for 3 stock ski boots {$800/stock ski boot x 3 =$2,400} vs. $1800 for the TS1 Factory Custom Ski Boot. To make an even playing field you would have to add to the stock ski boot’s total a custom footbed valued at $200 and alignment valued at $200 x 3 stock ski boots = $600 to bring the grand total to $3,200. We use a $ value to make a fair comparison with our factory custom ski boot vs. a retail stock boot. As you can see, in the long run, no one can beat our price.

In the end it still isn’t fair to make just a $ value comparison between the two products but that’s all we can use for a scale other than testimonials. If you could demo both products you would see that there is no comparison between the level of comfort and performance of a TS1 vs. a stock retail or other custom ski boots. That’s the real value and why we offer not one but two Ski Boot Guarantees.

The TS1 is not a value on its own; a ski boot is only as good as the builder or fitter. Decades experience combined with this elite product leaves no comparison between a bootbuilder and a bootfitter. The TS1 is a marriage of cutting edge products with an evolution of ‘know how’