Formerly TopShelf, now home to the Ski Room and the Boot Room

The Fitting Session

First Appointment

  • Approximate time - 1hr.
  • Foot and anatomical observation
  • Ski boot shell/sizing and choice
  • Molding session of custom footbeds

Second Appointment

  • Approximate time – 2 hrs
  • Foam injection session/footbed has been ground and prepped to liner. Client will put TS1 ski boot on with a complimentary ski sock and have the boot injected with foam.
  • When the process is finished, the boot will be left at the shop to cure for 18-24 hrs.

Third Appointment

  • Approximate time – 1 hr
  • Time for the client to try the New TS1 ski boot on.
  • Using the new ski sock until the final refitting of the boot is essential. No old ski socks please, until we give you the O.K.
  • Instruction on how to put a foam boot on.
  • Alignment and balancing session
  • Time to ski and start the break-in period
  • After the ski day the boots are assessed for refitting and left behind to have any permanent adjustments applied to ski boot and any modifications do to refitting.

Final Refitting

After this last appointment the skier will start the break-in and re-fitting period. Appointments are no longer needed for these assessments. As you will see, refitting the ski boot by the following procedure is much more convenient to the skier than a booking. A Boot Room technician is available just as the skier is coming off the slope from the day of skiing. At a ‘first come first serve’ we will only take a few minutes to assess any small refitting issues. The ski boot is then left at the Boot Room for the evening to have any modifications performed and readied for the following morning. Ski boots can be picked up the next morning. It makes for a convenient quick in and out for the skier. No long waits in an appointment having to sit while the modifications are performed.

Complete Building and Refitting Time for a TS1

There are about 4 hours of boot building time involved in total. We would like a window of 3 – 4 days to complete the finished product and refitting process while you are skiing.

Price of a TS1